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You want to make a difference? Let your ideas contribute to greater sustainability and your innovations help conserve resources with PreZero at your side. As your ally in innovation, we offer you unique opportunities for growth and development.

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Do you measure your success by how effectively you’re ensuring a cleaner tomorrow? Then you deserve a strategic partner who successfully promotes fresh thinking and action, both nationally and internationally.

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When you choose PreZero, you gain access to knowledge from all sectors of the circular economy, connect with our large network of technical experts, and secure an experienced, established ally in the industry. Successful innovation hinges on collaboration.

Get the most out of your partnership with PreZero:

Seize the opportunity to grow with us.

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With the right approach and effective collaboration, we can create new solutions for a cleaner tomorrow.”

What does collaboration with us look like?

PreZero is a young, rapidly growing, and highly diversified environmental service provider that prioritizes an efficient circular economy. We all know the truth: Only with bold ideas and sustainable innovations can we create lasting change. With your help, we want to refine and successfully implement future ideas and business models on the market.

As part of the Schwarz Group ecosystem—one of the world’s leading trading groups, spanning the entire value chain—we’re able to offer you the complete package: expertise, experience, resources, and networking. Our dynamic and flexible corporate structures can provide sustainable business models and innovations with the space they need to grow.

We evaluate the next steps together, then propel your project forward. We don’t follow a predefined road map or force your company into a one-size-fits-all box. We collaborate as equals, tailoring our approach to the needs of the market.

There are countless ways to work together and nurture promising ideas.”

Together we achieve more

Why the push to collaborate on matters of sustainability? Because the best solutions can only be found if we work together—and at PreZero, we bring all the right things to the table: most importantly, the expertise to turn a good idea into a successful business model.

We see boundless opportunities to foster promising ideas, such as growth capital for young companies, joint implementation of pilot projects in the industry, and international knowledge sharing. Give your innovation the chance to truly shake things up—with PreZero at your side.

Sustainable ideas:

Fresh thinking for a cleaner tomorrow

PreZero has already developed countless products and technologies that help make the vision of an efficient circular economy a reality. This also includes sustainability concepts, like the Zero Waste stadium of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. We’re constantly seeking new solutions and partnerships to make an even bigger impact in the fields of chemical recycling, organic recycling, key future waste streams, packaging solutions, digitalization, and holistic concepts.

Does your sustainability project line up with PreZero’s vision for the future?

Discover our areas of innovation

Best practices: Innovative sustainability projects

Green Collective

The Green Collective vision: fewer kilometers, fewer emissions, fewer vehicles involved in waste collection. In select city centers in the Netherlands, collection vehicles that reduce collection traffic by up to 50% and contribute to significant CO2 savings are already in use.

Best practices: Innovative sustainability projects

Robotic Sorting Arm

At our sorting facility in Eitting, just outside Munich, we develop and test robotic solutions in combination with AI for lightweight packaging. We designed a robotic sorting arm that aids employees in quality control and resorting.

Best practices: Innovative sustainability projects

PreZero SPOT – Sustainable Packaging Optimization Tool

The Sustainable Packaging Optimization Tool is the new IT solution for sustainable packaging. SPOT verifies the sustainability of packaging with a browser-based tool, allowing packaging manufacturers and distributors to assess their own product portfolio.

PreZero SPOT – Sustainable Packaging Optimization Tool

The Sustainable Packaging Optimization Tool makes it possible to analyze the entire product portfolio. Thus, optimization potentials of packaging can be identified, or the sustainability of already existing solutions can be confirmed.

However, it is not so easy to select and apply the most important standards for recyclability. SPOT was developed to support packaging manufacturers and distributors. The tool enables the analysis of the entire portfolio, the comparison of different packaging and standards and is easy to use.

To know more about this topic click here

PreZero Spot

Best practices: Innovative sustainability projects

Black Scans

During sorting, what are known as “black scans” identify black plastics that conventional systems struggle to detect well. The fully automatic, AI-based sorting system already surpasses all legally required sorting quotas.

Best practices: Innovative sustainability projects


PreTurn, a PreZero brand, develops customized pallet solutions specifically tailored to the needs of production companies. The mission: Redesign supply chains with innovative reusable load carriers and optimize them both in analog handling and digital controlling.


These durable load carriers are offered in two sizes: Heilbronner half-pallet (HHP) and Neckarsulm Euro pallet (NEP). The dimensions and specifications of the NEP are compliant with the standardized Euro pallet, which means no adjustments to the materials handling technology are needed. The HHP has the same dimensions as a Düsseldorf half-pallet.

Recently, NEP has also been in use at the Schwarz Produktion beverage plants. Made of 100% recyclable plastic, the PreTurn pallets support efficient and resource-saving logistics. As a result, they are significantly more break-resistant and stable than wooden pallets and can therefore be used for a longer time. Thanks to the built-in RIFD transponders, they can also be located at any time. This makes the load carriers ideal for use throughout the supply chain.

Intelligent Pallet Management

We work together closely with PreTurn to coordinate the use of pallets at Schwarz Produktion. Each pallet goes through a closed pallet pool circuit.

  1. 1. HHPs and HEPs go through many stations several times within a year. The journey starts with delivery of empty pallets at the production plants.
  2. After they are loaded with products, freight forwarders deliver them to central warehouses and distribution centers of Kaufland and Lidl and then to the stores.
  3. Once the goods have been sold, the empty pallets are collected and delivered back to the central distribution center and then to the next place of use.

To find out more about the pallets, visit the


Best practices: Innovative sustainability projects

Silphium Paper

OutNature, one of our brands, develops packaging solutions and markets innovative and sustainable fiber and paper products made using silphium perfoliatum, also known as “the cup plant.” This environmentally-friendly plant is cultivated in Germany and already used for energy production.

Silphium Paper

The plant is grown in Germany, behaves extremely environmentally friendly and is already used in energy production.

OutNature develops and markets innovative and sustainable fiber and paper products based on the silphium plant. The plant is grown in Germany and is already being used in energy production. But before the silphium plant ends up at a biogas facility, the plant fibers can additionally be recovered for paper production. This is done using a biothermal separation process, in which the fibers of the silphium plant are separated from its other parts.

The result is high-quality natural fibers which are combined with FSC-certified fresh wood or recycled fibers to create a unique type of paper. Silphium paper is ideal for a wide variety of customer-specific packaging solutions, such as folding boxes, trays, labels, bags, banderoles, and displays.

The silphium plant also offers forward-looking perspectives for the local ecosystem. Its long flowering period makes it insect-friendly. The plant sequestrates CO2 in the soil and thus protects it against wind and water erosion.

For more information about silphium paper, visit the

OutNature homepage

This is where PreZero accompanies you on the journey to innovation and implementation

Municipalities and cities

As a municipal waste service provider, PreZero collects household waste, bulky waste, biodegradable waste, packaging, paper, and pollutants from residents. We are constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas in the following areas to optimize our performance and further expand our services.

Consultation and Zero Waste

The Zero Waste concept views waste as a valuable future resource. We help companies and organizations understand the benefits of a functioning circular economy and constructively accompany them on their way to a zero-waste future. This is why, for example, we’ve established the Zero Waste Ready label—a DIN certification awarded by independent and approved testing organizations.


We evaluate the success of our disposal services using six metrics: legal compliance, disposal safety, sustainability, integrity, continuity, and innovation. Our services include the following:

  • Local collection of domestic waste
  • Operation of identification / weighing systems and impurities
  • Marketing / utilization of recyclable materials
  • Return system, e.g., for electronic waste
  • File storage and file / data destruction
  • Mobile waste collection

Our current work on the innovation project IoT / Sensor Application in Waste Containers is aimed at optimizing the collection and evaluation of fill level data for the containers used.

Smart city

We want to make the circular economy smarter. This already begins at disposal. By digitalizing and intelligently networking services, such as route optimization and the smart collection of recyclables, we are transforming waste management in cities, thus helping develop the smart cities of tomorrow.


Industry and commerce

PreZero reliably handles the disposal of all kinds of waste for you. With digital solutions, we already offer future-ready waste disposal options, and we’d like to pave the way to a sustainable tomorrow with exciting innovations in the following areas.


We provide companies with sustainable packaging advice and help them introduce recyclable packaging to the market. Our services reflect our main goals: providing IT solutions for packaging, enabling the use of ecological packaging materials and technologies, and serving as a competence center for sustainable packaging.

Legal compliance

Our experts keep a constant eye on legal developments and legislative changes. This allows us to provide our customers with comprehensive information, personalized advice, and implementation tailored to new specifications. We were able to optimally support our partners, for example, in complying with the legal amendment to the Commercial Waste Ordinance (GewAbfV), which took effect in 2019.


As an environmental service provider operating on an international stage, PreZero is also a transport, logistics, and fleet specialist. This requires us to be a well-oiled machine: We avoid empty runs and detours, equip vehicles with containers suited to the materials, and meticulously coordinate our European transport network.

Raw material supplier

Our business partners enjoy the sustainable materials we supply for the production of future-ready packaging. PreZero Pyral is an expert in environmentally friendly, single-origin aluminum processing, PreZero Polymers produces rHDPE for non-food bottles, and OutNature uses the plant-based fiber material silphium, which can be used for fruit and vegetable packaging.


We dispose of all kinds of waste produced by our partners. This includes mixed commercial waste, plastics and films, paper, cardboard, boxes, files and data, scrap and metals, and old electrical devices. We also dispose of building waste (mixed construction and wood waste), organic waste (all foodstuffs and cooking oils/grease traps), and other waste (recycled glass/glass waste and special/hazardous waste).

Zero Waste Consulting and Circular Economy

The Zero Waste vision and efforts towards a circular economy are crucial for a cleaner tomorrow. This is why we support our partners in industry and commerce in matters such as sustainable logistics, sustainability consulting services waste disposal and recycling, and all relevant waste management services. You can also rent containers from us to benefit from energy generated through waste.


Schwarz Group

The Schwarz Group ecosystem spans the entire recyclable materials loop, from production to retail to environmental services—a truly unique selling point. This robust network allows PreZero to think and act holistically as an innovation partner, introducing new ideas to the market and helping establish them the right way for maximum impact.

Product development

We have already successfully implemented sustainable packaging—made from recycled materials—at Lidl and Kaufland stores. As a leader in innovation, we will continue to serve as a key partner for retailers and Schwarz Produktion, closing loops with new concepts.

Data security

When it comes to data security, we can offer our customers top-notch expertise and innovation: the Schwarz Group offers a cloud for companies—STACKIT—made in Germany. This provides customers with a comprehensive service for successful digitalization. Our partners reduce cyber risks using innovative hybrid cloud security solutions from XM cyber. With these solutions, the Schwarz Group is setting new data security standards that will bring the market to the next level.

Consulting and marketing

What sets PreZero apart: We can implement our packaging and disposal solutions directly with Lidl and Kaufland. This close link between production, commerce, and disposal enables us to provide our partners with the expertise they need for a successful product.

Closing loops

The Schwarz Group ecosystem—including Lidl, Kaufland, Schwarz Produktion, and PreZero—is predestined to close loops. We want to share this expertise with our partners. Which we’re already doing with services like Zero Waste certification, packaging advice, licensing, waste prevention, and resource conservation—just to name a few. Our goal is to work with fellow innovators to develop services and solutions that enable us, and our customers, to successfully close loops.


Let’s connect:

What you need to know

The PreZero team is looking to collaborate with innovators who want to make strides in sustainability together. You and your project should bring the following to the table:

  • Scalable technology at TRL 6 or above for our national and international markets 
  • Closed-loop solutions along the value chain
  • Concepts for new business models and fields
  • Initial experience with demo systems or proof of concept preferred

We look forward to hearing about your ideas for a cleaner tomorrow!

Here’s how you can contact us

Whether you want to share a startup idea, discuss collaboration, present a pitch deck, or just submit a general request: We’d love to hear from you! Together we can map the journey to a cleaner tomorrow. Leave us a message using the contact form and we’ll get in touch.